Chinese tourist arrivals surge 31% for Sept, year on year


PHUKET: According to the Ministry of Tourism & Sports (MoTS) latest statistics, the number of Chinese international tourist arrivals for September surged from 647,711 in September last year, to 852,130 this year – a jump of 31.56%.

The latest statistics from the MoTS (click here) also report a corresponding 31.63% jump in tourim revenues generated by Chinese international arrivals, from B34.195 billion in September last year to B45.013bn during September this year.

The news comes amid a slew of reports marking a huge downfall in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the country, and Phuket hoteliers reportedly slashing room prices in the hope of attracting more visitors.

Similarly, the statistics report a 26.9% increase in the number of international arrivals from India, from

122,933 in Sept 2018 to 155,998 this year – along with a 30.86% increase in spending during the month from B5,379bn in Sept last year to B7.038bn during the month this year.

However, the bumper increase in Chinese visitors for Sept year on year saw the total number of Chinese arrivals for Jan-Sept 2019 rise only 1.71%, year on year, from 8,374,822 for the first nine months of last year to 8,518,031 so far this year.

Also, spending by Chinese tourists for the first nine months rose 4.14% year on year, from B409.932bn for Jan-Sept last year to B426.887bn this year.

India as a source market continued apace with arrivals increasing by 25.6% year on year, from 1,171,391 in 2018 to 1,471,218 this year – with a 31.14% year on year increase in spending, from B47.307bn last year to B62.037bn this year

Of note, Australian tourist arrivals to Thailand for Jan-Sept remains down 3.12% compared with last year, with the number of tourist arrivals from Sweden falling 10.02% year on year.

In total, the first nine months of 2019 saw international tourist arrivals to Thailand rise 3.51%, from 28,467,686 last year to 29,465,732 this year.

Overall spending during the same nine months also grew by 3.45%, from B1.381 trillion to B1.429trn.

Courtesy: Published at The Phuket News on October 24, 2019

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